Genesee Valley Nutrition is also a division of Genesee Valley Enterprises Inc. Genesee Valley Nutrition has been catering to the dairy industry for more than 13 years! We specialize in making customized mineral mixes for dry cows, pre and post fresh diets, heifer groups and milking groups. Our access to a multitude of ingredients allows us to customize any mix according to your nutrition requirements. In addition to our mineral mixes we carry all types of mineral, trace mineral, vitamin, medication or additives that your herd may need! Genesee Valley Nutrition is a West Way Molasses Dealer so we carry Mol Mix molasses products in bulk for on farm storage or in free choice field lick tanks. Also available from West Way are cheaper, customized least cost "sugar blends."

We offer competitive pricing and have dependable, on time delivery service. No order is too big or small!

We do not require a 2 ton minimum for delivery

We can make as small as a 250lb. batch.

We can rapidly respond to formula changes.

About Genesee Valley Nutrition...